Prayer Matters Day 1

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16 May, 2016Prayer Matters - back to basics

Day 1 - Listen

Be still before the lord..

We want to kick off prayer matters with listening. The reason for this is, that we should always start our days or our weeks listening to God and what he wants to say to us. It is the same for Prayer Matters, what does he want to say, what does he want you to see through this week.

Everyone will listen to God differently; some people may struggle listening to God. So today read these verses and these stories from some of our embody community, and listen to God in your own way. We encourage you to write down anything you might hear from God.

In this quiet time, think about new ways in which you can pray for our partners overseas!


Job 33:14-15, Romans 10:17, Psalm 37:7, Psalm 1:2

Stories from our community

So at the moment I really don't understand what it means to listen to God I don't know if it's sitting down and being silent waiting for something or is it just reading his word or is it being open to change throughout your day and the steps that god wants you to take – Taylor from Queensland

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the voice of God, but certain people will come in to my life, or certain actions occur, that trigger different responses. I know through those things, what God is saying and wants me to do- Luke from Melbourne

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