Prayer Matters Day 2

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17 May, 2016Prayer Matters - back to basics


Everyone has different reasons for prayer. We pray before making major decisions we request things in prayer we are called to pray for others. But why do YOU pray?

As a practical exercise today read these verses and stories, and think about why you pray and what you pray for and make note of it. Do this every day and at the end of the week, revisit your thoughts and see how it changes.

If you’re stuck for things to pray for keep our Zimbabwean Partners in mind. They are struggling through terrible drought, and really need our prayer and support.


1 Timothy 2:1, Luke 6:12-13, 1 John 5:14-15

Stories from our Community

Prayer for me is constant thing, positioning of my heart. Its not really a dedicated time rather as life unfolds and things come to mind I commit them in prayer. Often I try pray out of not just wanting "needs" met, but rather thanking God for who I am in him and that all my needs have been met through Jesus. Prayer for me activates faith because rather than depending on my own strength my life and its outcomes are committed to God- Jason from Southport

Sometimes I pray to cry out in need, sometimes it's to praise him for his faithfulness, sometimes for gratitude, sometimes to ask for his peace to wash over me, sometimes for confirmation that I'm following his plan for my life - Emily from Tweed Heads

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