Prayer Matters Day 4

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19 May, 2016Prayer Matters - back to basics


Where should we be praying? Is it something we have to do in private? Is it something that we should only do when we are inside? Or in a certain setting? Or is it something we can do anywhere and at any time?

Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing, that means we can and should pray anywhere and anytime. So today, try something different, pray somewhere where you wouldn’t usually. Something that we suggest is a prayer walk.

This attitude in prayer is really helpful when it comes to our international focus. Changing the place in which you pray can shift your mindset in praying for our partners.


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Stories from our Community

“Anywhere”- Olivia from the Gold Coast

"I pray more at youth or church, mainly through music" – Jordan from QLD

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