Prayer Matters Day 5

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20 May, 2016Prayer Matters - back to basics


Scripture tells us that when two or three are gathered in Jesus name he will be there also. It is good to pray and share together, as a community, as one. But community also means praying for our wider community, internationally and locally.

So today try praying in community, for community. For our brothers and sisters serving in mission or those who are struggling in persecution for their faith. Or our partners overseas who face challenges every day doing Gods work.

You could do this at your youth group, or organise a time to pray with your friends, make a night of it!


Matthew 18:19-20


“by myself, in bible study, in church - for community”- Olivia QLD

“I pray with my family, and my friends, in my small group and by myself. I find community prayer really powerful, as it enables us to join together in our struggles, our hurts and our successes. It makes me feel supported and encouraged to know that there are people praying with me and for me, for my world and the wider world.” – Mitch from Melbourne

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