8 June, 2018

SYG 2018

State Youth Games XXII is about to start, with 300 young people attending from Churches all over South Australia and into Victoria.

8-12 June 2018 at Unity College Murray Bridge.

So Why a State Youth Games?

State Youth Games exists in order to resource local churches. We know how difficult it is to connect with youth and young adults from outside the church, so we’ve created a camp that appeals to a range of people from all backgrounds. We are aware of how many people assume the church is at best irrelevant and at worst self-righteous and boring, so we strive to build an environment in which participants can experience a Christ-like community, full of generosity, kindness and (even) fun. Most of all, we know how tough it is to take the conversation deeper and talk about faith; that’s why State Youth Games is full of low-key and respectful opportunities to do just that.

SYG is a resource or a tool, and just like all tools, it exists to be used. We’re very excited to be running this camp, but our real hope – that people would come to know Jesus and grow in him – won’t be fulfilled with what we do, but when people like you use it to foster relationships and take the conversation deeper.

We’re eager to help you do this however we can.

You’re still not quite sure how State Youth Games can help but keen to actually see it in action?

We invite you to come visit State Youth Games during the day on either Saturday the 9th June or Sunday 10 June at Unity College Gawler. Come see the action, cheer along and chat to some young people. (Contact Carl Milne to arrange to visit)

If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to call Carl Milne (Youth Events Coordinator) on 0414 019 069.