A new look for Brighton

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2 September, 2020

The Brighton congregation only had a few weeks to enjoy their newly refurbished Chapel before the COVID-19 shutdown came into effect.

However, when “the great resumption” finally takes place, the members and friends of Brighton will have this sparkling new facility in which to witness and worship. The Chapel was built in the mid-60s and had remained virtually untouched during the intervening years.

Now, the look is light, fresh and much more contemporary, with two new overhead data projectors and a new sound desk. Split-level air conditioning is also a feature of the makeover.

Jim Bartlett (Wally’s son, for those who remember) is the builder who erected the original church. Today he’s a member at Brighton and, at 87 years of age, was one of the most active and enthusiastic voluntary workers on the project.

Brighton’s minister, Graham Agnew, says he has rarely seen more passion and dedication invested into a project, than what he saw at Brighton…



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GMP Safe Water September 2020

Safe Water September

Record Fundraising by a National Community

In a year where a lot of people and a lot of organisations have been forced to look inward and scramble to keep the lights on, churches and individuals around Australia have demonstrated that unprecedented change and upheaval will not stop them from having a positive Kingdom impact on the world around them.

More than 300 people across more than 50 churches, schools, and clubs took the Safe Water September challenge this year, and drank just water for the month of September to raise money for life-changing safe water projects in rural Zimbabwe and Vanuatu through Global Mission Partners and Churches of Christ Overseas Aid.

This year the national community raised $177 666, breaking fundraising records for the second year in a row. By giving up all their non-water drinks like coffee, tea, and juice and inviting their peers, family, and friends to donate, challenge takers have raised enough to provide easy access to safe drinking water to approximately 8,000 people in remote and vulnerable communities.

A lack of access to safe drinking water has profound impacts on communities across the world. Clean water for drinking and washing is the easiest way to dramatically reduce illness in communities, particularly in children and infants. With easy access to clean water, people—particularly women and girls—no longer have to walk more than 30 minutes each day to get water for their families. That time can be re-invested into their families, their education, their farms, and their businesses.

The water projects funded by Safe Water September are community-led in partnership with Showers of Blessing, Zimbabwe, and the Conference of Churches of Christ in Vanuatu. You can find out more at [safewaterseptember.org.au](http://safewaterseptember.org.au/).

The embody and Global Mission Partners team would like to extend a massive thank you to all the churches and individuals around South Australia who participated in the challenge. Well done, and enjoy your drinks!