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16 April, 2020

There are lots of extra challenges on families at the moment, as many of us are finding our homes being our places of work as well as classrooms if we have school-age children. 

With most of our face-to-face church programs having stopped, there is a great opportunity for us to support and equip families in doing faith-formation at home.

We know there are lots of resources bouncing around the internet currently, and we’d love to hear what you’re using, and how its working. We also want to share resources with you regularly that we believe can support families.

One such resource is called It's been developed by a collaboration of global movements with a desire to see families around the world flourish. Each session can be done in 40 minutes, either inside, at a park, or in a backyard, and has a specific theme. It involves 7 elements, including simple physical challenges and exercises, a short talk and discussion, digging into a bible passage and reflecting on it, and praying together. It's designed for people of all ages.

New content is being written and uploaded weekly, and its all free. You can access the site with the link provided and download & print the PDF files as well. You can also view all videos from the site itself, or Youtube. 

We’d love to hear any feedback you receive about it, as well as any other online resources you're finding valuable with at-home discipleship.

Adrian Blenkinsop