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5 November, 2020

Our Brighton Church has discovered it's not only possible to maintain a strong and effective witness during this Covid season, but it's also an opportunity to actually commence one of the most important ministries in the Church's history!

Grocer with a Heart is a ministry initiative, born out of the vision of two members of the Brighton Fellowship. It involves the distribution of fruit, vegetables and grocery items which might otherwise be discarded, but which Brighton is now making available to the people of its community free of charge or at bare minimal cost. The shop, located at the rear of the Brighton complex, has been operating since the beginning of the Pandemic and its impact on both the Church and the surrounding area has been nothing short of incredible!

The acquisition of a refrigerated van and the installation of a freezer room and cooler room now make it possible for the shop to offer a wide range of frozen goods.

Grocer with a Heart opening hours are:

Tuesday to Friday - 10:30am to 3:00pm

Saturday - 10:00am to 12:30pm

Brighton Church of Christ is at 65 Sturt Road Brighton.

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Army Christian Services

Churches of Christ ADF Chaplain, Rev. Luke Skipper has created a new resource that seeks to bring the Good News to current serving members of the Australian Defence Force and to the Ex Services Community. Originally the now titled ‘Army Christian Services’ were filmed with the intention to aid Soldiers and other Defence Force Members who whilst training found it increasingly difficult to get to Church.

Feedback was then received that this Christian resource would also be of great value to the Ex Services Community. The understanding being, that many in the Ex Service Community still have a strong affiliation/connection to the military and that this would be a great resource to help them engage with the Christian message.

The Services are short in duration (about 30 minutes) and feature topical messages that are easy for anyone to relate to. Messages are about topics like Worry, Time, Being Thankful, Friends, Enemies and other important topics relevant to all.

The Ex Service Community is extremely vast and we need help to get the word out. What we are seeking to do is to get this resource promoted widely. How can you help? Please share these Services on your social media accounts and to put up PDF Posters anywhere possible places like RSL’s, Ex Service Associations, Shopping Centres, Community Noticeboards, Places of Work, Study and Recreation. If you would like to be involved further we are also looking for passionate Christian people who want to outreach to this community to join the team who can meet with people from their geographic area and answer their questions or simply talk and share with them about Christianity.

Army Christian Services are now available on Facebook Page: Army Christian Services or go to the web lnk below.

If you would like to help or have any questions please feel free to email Australian Army Chaplain Luke Skipper at