Kingdom Communities released

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14 September, 2018

Last month we heard from visiting speakers Dean Phelan and Andrew Menzies talking about Kingdom Communities and how churches can facilitate a much broader imagination in facilitating a range of creative ways people can access the Kingdom of God.

They talked about a book they had co-authored called "Kingdom Communities: Shining the light of Christ through Faith, Hope & Love". Well that book is now published and available for purchase. See the link below to grab your copy.

Here's an endorsement from Mike Frost of Morling College;

"Read this book and I guarantee you’ll be deeply encouraged even before you finish the introduction! God is doing something new, breathing fresh life into his people, sending them out as Kingdom Communities, embedded in neighbourhoods right across the country. Andrew Menzies and Dean Phelan have got their finger on the pulse. Their book is not only full of stories from around Australia, it provides both the theological frame and the practical steps for launching a movement of Kingdom Communities wherever God has placed you."