Living Hope Group at Elizabeth of Christ

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13 October, 2020

Living Hope was formed in 2018 to provide support for parents who are living with, or supporting family members, who are either addicted to substances or suffering from mental health issues. When a person is caught up in addiction or suffering from mental health problems it not only affects them but also the wider family.  It is particularly difficult for the parents who often feel like they are the only ones grappling with these issues.

This group is run by Pat Cailes and Mark Zerna and meets once a month with about 14 people being involved.  The meetings usually consist of a presentation either by video or a guest speaker on a topic that is relevant for those present.  Then there is an opportunity for anyone to share what has been happening in their situation and it ends with a time of praying for each other.

A variety of resources is available for group members and connections have been made with a local Christian counsellor and a drug service called Drug Arm.  As drug use continues to escalate around us, this type of support service will become increasingly important.  We are praying about setting up similar ministry in Elizabeth South where our church has an op shop and a small café.


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Christmas Message from our new Conference President

Introducing our new President:

Leanne Sanders has, for many years, been active in Churches of Christ in South Australia. Formerly a member of the Kilburn, Modbury and Mile End congregations, she is currently the Chair of Elders at the Western Communities Church and has been a State Board member for the past four years.

Family is of high importance to Leanne who is married to Geoff Payne, Mum to three adult children and their spouses, Nanni to seven grandchildren and friend to two grown step-children and their families. She is a deeply committed follower of Jesus and seeks to allow the grace of God to guide all her relationships.

Leanne worked, for many years, in leadership positions in State government departments (Health & Education) and, currently, in a not-for-profit organisation and her own Coaching business. She also worked for a number of years as an adult educator. Leanne brings to State Board:

· Long and broad Human Resource management expertise

· Experience in policy & procedure development and implementation

· Strong people skills – being highly relational, empathic and supportive

· Big picture visioning

· Experience in church governance at a local and state level.

Leanne identifies as central to her faith, a strong gratitude for the love and grace of Jesus Christ and seeks His will in decision making.

And a Christmas message from Leanne…..

With a late AGM this year I find myself writing this Christmas greeting when only just in the role of President! But, as you know, I am not new to State Board, and I therefore bring you a message on their behalf.

As Grant reminded us in his President’s report for this past year, the theme for the year ahead is Participate in Life – in Christ. Can there be a better version of life in which to participate? I think not.

I think too, that it is a message that we can take into Christmas. Life in Christ. Christ in Life.

The Christmas story speaks to me of one thing more than anything else.

Christ is with us. We need not look somewhere else. Christ is with us!

The Christmas story reassures us that Christ is with us – no matter the season. When times are hard – Christ is with us. When the sun shines brightly – Christ is with us. When trials come, or when joy abounds – Christ is with us. What reassurance to take that knowledge into our daily life!

May each one of you find, in the celebration of the Christmas story, wisdom that stays with you, bringing peace, comfort, joy and strength, as together we Participate in Life - in Christ throughout 2021.

Christmas blessings

Leanne and the members of State Board