Ministry movements

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7 March, 2016

Tonight at the Ministers Association dinner we acknowledge all the ministers who have started in new ministry positions or are retiring during the past 12 months.

The following have commenced new ministry positions:

Bill Tyrie, Senior Minister at Marion

Brent Ruttland, Children's pastor at Elizabeth

Brett Scherer, Minister at Mt Barker (half time)

James Bowden, Associate Minister at Blackwood half time (still half time as State Youth Minister)

Jean Smith, Minister at SouthPoint Glenelg

Jonathan Mitchell, Minister at Northwestern Community

Leighton Boyd, Director of MarionLife/Associate Minister at Marion

Paul Pinci, Minister at Modbury

Russell Mountford, Minister at Maylands from April 2016 (from Nailsworth)

Steve Chapman, Minister at Colonel Light Gardens (from SouthPoint Glenelg)

The following ministers will be retiring in 2016 and we thank them for their long service to ministry

Chris Ambrose (retiring from Maylands in April 2016)

Ray Fitzpatrick (retiring from One Church - Keith in April 2016)

Steve Kitto (retired from Colonel Light Gardens in January 2016)

Other ministry movements

Rachael Morey concluded as Associate Minister at Hewett but continues as Childsafe Co-ordinator as part of the State Ministry Team (part-time)

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