State Board

Submitted by Mark Riessen on 30 November, 2016

Please pray for our State Board as they meet for the first time since our AGM on Friday December 2nd. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they lead us into a hope filled future

Be Still

Submitted by Mark on 17 May, 2016

"Be still and know that I am God"

Psalm 46:10a

Prayer for Christian Unity

Submitted by Mark on 3 May, 2016

"Across the barriers that divide race from race; Reconcile us, Lord, by your cross.

Across the barriers that divide the rich from the poor; Reconcile us, Lord, by your cross.

Across the barriers that divide people of different faiths; Reconcile us, Lord, by your cross.

Across the barriers that divide Christians; Reconcile us, Lord, by your cross.

Across the barriers that divide men and women, young and old; Reconcile us, Lord, by your cross.

Confront us, Lord, with the hidden prejudices and fears which deny and betray our prayers. Enable us to see the causes of strife, remove from us all false sense of superiority. Teach us to grow in unity with all God’s children. Amen."

For Action…

Additionally, SA Council of Churches invites you to consider, with others, any place within your own church tradition that may be ‘fractured’ or ‘wounded’, which is in need of healing, of being drawn more closely to Christ. The fracture or wound that you discern may be in the people, the structures, the practices, the systems or the processes. These ‘signposts’ may be our major strength which may also have a flipside weakness.

Source: SA Council of Churches

Resurrection Sunday

Submitted by Mark on 29 March, 2016

Living God, long ago, faithful women proclaimed the good news of Jesus' resurrection, and the world was changed forever. Teach us to keep faith with them, that our witness may be as bold, our love as deep, and our faith as true. Amen.


Holy Week

Submitted by Mark on 21 March, 2016

Caught between joy and despair, we yearn for the fulfillment of God's desire beyond the brokenness and neediness of this life.

We offer thanksgiving for God's presence with us and petitions for the transformation of the church and the world. Amen

Fifth week of Lent

Submitted by Mark on 16 March, 2016

Creator God,

you prepare a new way in the wilderness and your grace waters the desert.

Help us to recognize your hand working miracles beyond our imagining.

Open our hearts to be transformed by the new thing you are doing, so that our lives may proclaim the extravagance of your love for all, and its presence in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Fourth week of Lent

Submitted by Mark on 6 March, 2016

Artist of souls,

You sculpted a people for yourself out of the rocks of wilderness and fasting.

Help us as we take up your invitation to prayer and simplicity, that the discipline of these forty days may sharpen our hunger for the feast of your holy friendship, and whet our thirst for the living water you offer through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Third week of Lent

Submitted by Mark on 28 February, 2016

God of the living, through baptism we pass from the shadow of death to the light of the resurrection.

Remain with us and give us hope that, rejoicing in the gift of the Spirit who gives life to our mortal flesh, we may be clothed with the garment of immortality, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Give thanks to God

Submitted by Justin on 26 February, 2016

Praise God for the appointment of Bill Tyrie to Senior/Lead Pastor at Marion.

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