Second week of Lent

Submitted by Mark on 22 February, 2016

"God of the covenant, you call us to be fruitful servants within creation, and to offer our lives as the foundation of your realm.

We lay before you the desires of our hearts, that we may be transformed by their fulfilment."



First week of Lent

Submitted by Mark on 13 February, 2016

God of wilderness and water, your Son was baptized and tempted as we are.

Guide us through this season, that we may not avoid struggle, but open ourselves to blessing, through the cleansing depths of repentance and the heaven-rending words of the Spirit. Amen.

Lenten Prayer

Submitted by Mark on 29 January, 2016

Righteous God,

In humility and repentance we bring our failures in caring, helping, and loving;

we bring the pain we have caused other,

we bring the injustice in society of which we are a part, to the transforming power of your grace.

Grant us the courage to accept the healing you offer and to turn again toward the sunrise of your reign, that we may walk with you in the promise of peace you have willed for all the children of the earth, and have made known to us in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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