G.R. Stirling Lecture 2019

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13 November, 2019Bruce HulmeG.R. Stirling Lecture

At this year's G.R. Stirling lecture hosted at Tabor College our guest speaker was Bruce Hulme, Director of Ministry at Tabor College. Bruce spoke from his PhD research 'Talking the walk: an approach to reflection for ministry formation in our everyday journey'. As part of his presentation he interviewed Churches of Christ Master of Divinity student and Student Minister at Aldgate Church of Christ, Verity Riessen. This was an opportunity to showcase the practical application of his research as an effective tool for ministry.

Please find the audio and video in the links below.

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People formed and transformed around the Lord's Table

13 October, 2016 Dr Merryl Blair

Dr. Merryl Blair was the speaker at our first G.R. Stirling Lecture hosted by the Tabor Churches of Christ Study Centre at Tabor College in Adelaide. Her theme 'People formed and transformed around the Lord's Table' was incredibly insightful and very encouraging.

Take a look at the video below and join the conversation.

As a Churches of Christ minister, Merryl Blair has been the Australian representative in an International Dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church for around 30 years. For the past 4 years, this has focused on our joint, and different, understandings of coming around the table of the Lord. Ecumenical Dialogues are an important forum in which we not only learn more about other traditions, but also learn much more about ourselves, because we have to explain to someone outside our ‘family’ just who we are, and why we do the things we do. So much that we take for granted comes to life during this process.

Merryl has been part of this Dialogue for the past 9 years and has learnt the joy of sitting in the same room with people of different views; listening and being listened to respectfully; sharing experiences of God at work in the life of God’s church; and what it means to be formed by the Lord’s Table.