Ministry Accreditation

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28 April, 2018Merryl Blair & Melinda CousinsLeadership Development

For the past 15 years there have been spikes in conversations about the need for an accreditation and renewable accreditation program for people called into ministry with Churches of Christ in SA & NT. During this time there have been various attempts to launch an accreditation program but there has not yet been one locked into place.

Mission and Ministry Director, Mark Riessen, interviews Rev Dr Merryl Blair who is involved in accreditation for Churches of Christ ministers in Victoria and Tasmania and Rev Dr Melinda Cousins who is the Director of Ministry Accreditation for Baptist ministers in SA & NT. They discuss the value of ongoing ministry formation and professional development through engaging an accreditation program. They reflect on the experience of this, lessons learned and the importance of having one in place.

This was followed by a Q&A.