Children, Youth & Families Ministry

Children, Youth and Family Ministry' supports Churches of Christ youth and children's leaders in their contexts, produces resources to help local ministries flourish and runs state-wide events and programs. We provide opportunities for our youth and children workers to pray together, learn from one another and be supported by their peers. Whether it is one-on-one or at one of our camps, like ‘State Youth Games’, we look forward to working alongside you.



ChildSafe™ is a widely used program that assists churches to take responsibility for ensuring they are communities in which children are safe, and in which they can flourish. It refers to a specific program of safety management for those working with children and young people.

Child Safe is the term used to refer more broadly to a commitment to the safety and risk management. More information about our Childsafe policies and procedures can be found in 'About Us - Childsafe'

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Tabor Churches of Christ Study Centre

The Tabor Churches of Christ Study Centre is a joint undertaking by both Tabor and Churches of Christ in SA & NT, and has three main objectives:

(i) to teach denominational and ministry-focussed subjects (e.g., Churches of Christ History and Polity) as part of Tabor's undergraduate and postgraduate courses,

(ii) to research in areas which are of mutual interest to Churches of Christ and Tabor College of Higher Education, and

(iii) to identify and provide pastoral care, advice and direction to students from Churches of Christ who are studying at Tabor and who may be considering ordination or a ministry vocation with the denomination.


CareWorks SA & NT

CareWorks is a partner department of Churches of Christ in SA & NT.

CareWorks has a vision for a fairer and more compassionate society

Working alongside Churches of Christ congregations to discover and develop their mission

to care for people who are disadvantaged

Assisting those who are disadvantaged through the implementation of social programs

Advocating for a just, fair and compassionate society


Global Mission Partners

Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners (GMP) is a Christian mission organisation committed to facilitating life-changing partnerships.

GMP understands that mission must work with what God is doing and in partnership with local people. This means we focus on partnerships with churches and agencies overseas, linking them with partners in Australia. We do most of our work overseas through local indigenous Church of Christ organisations. They know the culture and the opportunities better than us and have long-term relationships across their country. We come alongside them to learn from them and contribute the gifts that we have. In countries where there is no local partner with the ability to manage projects, GMP operates as an entity in its own right, working with local people toward the day when the ministry is truly theirs.

GMP operates in three areas:

(i) Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA), which encourages new directions with Indigenous Christian Ministries by concentrating on priority areas such as strengthening Indigenous churches and culture;

(ii) Community Development through Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA), which conducts relief and development projects across the world with local partners. COCOA has tax deductibility under the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme (OAGDS);

(iii) International Church Partnerships (ICP), which conducts evangelism, church planting and ministry training projects across the world with local partners.


Stirling Theological College

Stirling Theological College is an agency of the National Conference of Churches of Christ in Australia and a federal partner of the Vic / Tas Conference of Churches of Christ.

The College was established in 1907. We are evangelical and ecumenical in our approach to theology and faith. We have a passion to receive and share the good news of God in Christ and delight to have Christians from different backgrounds enriching the life of our community.


Life Care SA

At Life Care we believe that ageing is not a disability or a policy problem to be solved, rather it is a natural part of life that should be celebrated. It is unique and varies according to our character, experiences, outlook, well-being and family circumstances.

This belief compels us to see beyond conventional attitudes that surround ageing and strive to build a future which delivers an innovative and positive experience for each individual.

Life Care’s strategic direction is not to just continue with business as usual, but to truly flourish and develop Life Care’s Integrated Communities where we, and people like us, will want to age and experience Live Every Day.

Our History

Life Care was established by the Churches of Christ in 1950 and first opened the ‘Glenrose Court – Aged Care’ facility at Glen Osmond in the same year.

Originally known as Christian Rest Homes and later Churches of Christ Retirement Services, Life Care – still a not-for-profit organisation and with values consistent with our history– is now financially independent from Churches of Christ and has grown and diversified through generations to meet the changing care needs of older South Australians for more than six decades.