Child Protection Policies

Attached as a PDF is the Churches of Christ SA & NT Child Protection Policies.


Person of Concern Policy

Attached as a PDF is the Churches of Christ SA & NT Person of Concern Policy.


Ministry Code of Ethics Compliance form

Attached is the form all ministry employees of Churches of Christ churches in SA & NT are required to complete. Page 1 is the copy the Minister is invited to keep in their personal file for reference. Page 2 is the copy that must be witnessed, signed and sent back to the Mission & Ministry Director to be kept in a secure and confidential file at the State Office.


Conducting a Marriage

For ministers who have a marriage license granted to them through Churches of Christ in SA & NT Inc, you are required to follow the latest Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961 for Marriage Celebrants a checklist of completing the required documentation and when can be found at the end of this document on pages 129-131.. You can also find the Marriage Act 1961 here. This covers all aspects of law relating to solemnising marriages.

You can find Marriage Rites for Churches of Christ Ministers in Australia here. This is the policy document from the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia that governs how you are to conduct Marriage Ceremonies using the Rites of Churches of Christ.

If you require stationary such as a new Marriage Registry book, Marriage Certificates for couples, or any other documents related to solemnising marriages go to the canprint order here.

Our new policy for Churches of Christ Marriage Celebrants will be uploaded shortly. In the meantime the PDF attached is a quick reference checklist fo completing marriage documents.

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Baptism resource

A resource for helping people understand the significance and practice of Baptism from a Churches of Christ perspective has been published by the Council for Churches of Christ in Australia. This can be downloaded below.


Template Constitution for Incorporation

We have completed a template constitution which churches are able to utilise, which can be downloaded here below. Contact us on (08) 8443 7572 for further advice in this important area.


Procedure for Investigating Complaints - Practice of Ministry

The procedure and guidelines for investigating complaints relating to an alleged breach of the code of ethics can be viewed and downloaded at the link below.


Code of Ethics - Practice of Ministry

All people employed as ministers with Churches of Christ are expected to comply with professional and ethical standards outlined in 'The Practice of Ministry Code of Ethics'

A copy of this document can be viewed and downloaded below


Ministers' Appointment & Employment Handbook

This handbook underwent further revisions in 2016, and is an essential guide to understanding ministerial employment terms, exempt benefits, and compliance aspects relating to the employment of a minister.

You can download a copy from the attachment here.

If you are about to employ a minister and would like copy of the 'Ministry Agreement Template', please email us and we will send you an editable version.